Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rip Kirby - Murderous Matches

In Volume 6 of the "Rip Kirby" series Rip enters the' Swinging Sixties' and artist John Prentice has made the strip completely his own. The book has eight stories from mid-1959 through early 1962. John Prentice and his assistant Al Williams did a great job of laying out some fantastic art, great visual and super narrative story telling. 

Today's post involves an old Rip Kirby strip from John Prentince's era (RK047). It originally ran in paper from 8th June to 3rd October, 1959The story involves detective Remington Kirby and his butler & right hand man former burglar Desmond, plus love interest Honey Dorian. Honey who appeared in more then 40% of the earlier stories makes her single appearance in this story. 

 Rip Kirby - Murderous Marches
 Rip Kirby - Murderous Matches (RK047)
Having recently taking up astronomy as a hobby, Desmond is checking the accuracy of his telescope against distant objects when he realizes that he has unwittingly registered the combination of a safe in an apartment opposite Rip's flat. Returning later from an evening out with Honey, a distressed Rip is met by devastating news: Desmond has drowned whilst making a frantic escape across New York after being caught red-handed over a dead body by the safe...

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