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  1. Hello
    this is a wonderful job you are doing. hats of to your valiant effort. i enjoy reading franco - Belgian comics and i read Gil Jourdan, Benny Breakiron et al from this wonderful site. wonder if you can post the entire story of Benny breakiron- madame adolphine over here. I am also glad to see that you are taking steps to translate some of the stories. In fact, you woudl know that hitherto unavailable titles in English (not translated from french) have been unoffically translated to English by hardcore comic fanatics. they are called scanlations and i have enjoyed reading siuch works like Asterix et ses amis and Uderzo as seen by his friends. I am waiting for the day when Luc Junior and Jehan Pistolet two creations of Goscinny- Uderzo are translated to english. Once again my deepest appreciation for your valiant efforts

    1. I guess, I spoke too soon. I just saw Uderzo as seen by his friends over here.

    2. Thanks Narayan for these kind words. Looks like you are from Trivandrum, Kerala. I am from West Bengal (currently based on USA, CA) and thus majority of my works and uploads on 'Bengali' stories/novels.
      I will try to upload not-so-easily-found comics more in near future.