Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rip Kirby - The Lambert Affair

Rip Kirby is smart and sophisticated, has a home in a cozy and spacious apartment in New York City. He seems to have money enough to do research and detective work. His adventures take him all around the world, often accompanied by his faithful manservant, (a reformed burglar) Desmond, to solve crimes that include murders, stolen artifacts, missing persons and other suspicious events. He has a girlfriend, his one and only true love, fashion model Honey Dorian.

Rip applies scientific methods to his crime-solving techniques, but is still involved in plenty of action --- Kirby is an All-American athlete and decorated war hero.

Here’s another Rip Kirby story where a gangster’s daughter is framed for murder, Rip tries to discover the truth. 

Writers: Ward Greene and Fred Dickenson

Artist: Alex Raymond
Publisher: King Features

Download here one of the vintage Rip Kirby stories, "The Lambert Affair (January 1952 - May 1952 - Size: 63.6 MB)", which most probably has never been published as a comic book.

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