Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Iznogoud - The Relentless

There was an old saying, "You can make a man out of a boy, but you cannot take the boy out of a man". In the days of PlayStations, iPad, Cartoon channels, Superhero movies, do our kids actually read? Tough question indeed - but truth is there have always been children more interested in reading than others. In fact, kids who do not like reading books, read comics. The adventures of Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke, Phantom, Mandrake, Rip Kirby or Archie are part of our living memory and still kicking up a storm.

Who can ever forget Getafix from the Asterix series, or Tintin’s cantankerous companion Captain Haddock? Well, the good news is that the comics are still around and doing well. 

The post Goscinny era led to a downfall in comics quality and we are too lucky to have few good series are being released in English once again. 

Iznogoud Vol. 10  (Nov 2013)

"Iznogoud - The Relentless" contains 5 stories, all featuring devious and conniving Iznogoud, the less than magnificent Grand Vizier of Baghdad the magnificent - all of which are a delightful read.

In this book we have five doomed to fail plots - the invention of Hopscotch as a method to de-Caliph the Caliph, magical seashells to transport the Caliph far from Baghdad, forgetfulness charms, a magical flute for turning Caliph into a canine, and best of all, in the 12-page finale, a wonderful bit of time travelling wonder with a magical Sears catalogue. Each time the covetous Iznogoud sets out with such high hopes, each time these hopes turn to despair, but he never learns, and never, ever listens to long suffering Wa’at Alahf.

That idea that Iznogoud is so in control of every situation, manipulating everything he can, even down too ripping off the forgetful charms merchant for change… and yet never able to finally get the thing he truly wants – that’s so funny.

Iznogoud is classic funny. But it’s classic Goscinny. The two are practically inseparable.

Iznogoud Volume 10 
(47 Pages - 37.1 MB)